The theory of Clairvoyance…


Maybe just a prelude to ‘Spiritus Mundi’… We’ll see…

How do I explain this… Okay.. So, simply put, ii have a theory that we have an ‘electromagnetic’ field/area of telepathy or common thought…

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and someone else starts to sing it, feel like you’re being watched, turn and find someone staring or imagined a number, word or sentence before somebody called it out..? Have a gut feeling..? Heard a thought..?

I believe that our bodies exude (by hormone, electromagnetism or pure energy) an aura of intuitive thought.. I say intuitive because after a bit of testing, I see it doesn’t work with intentional thought… You cannot intentionally exude a thought or intentionally pick one up… It’s all fog… 


The heart’s electromagnetic field.. Imagine this now as our aura… The clairvoyant aura that we exude.. Subtle, intuitive thoughts hover in this area and we exude emotion, thought, intention (all of it passive)…


When our auras combine, there is common place where we are able to subtly and intuitively hear each other’s passive thoughts, emotions and intentions… This exuded area’s space’s size is variable, dependant on the user… This is the listening space… Thus, telepathy is possible…

Most intelligence agencies train their agents not to stare at people when they trail them… This because it is believed that if you stare at someone paranoid, they often feel the stare and turn…

This could be the most pure, uncharted form of Extrasensory perception… Why uncharted..? Maybe our predecessors had never had this ability… What if our humanic, intuitive senses and methods of communication are evolving right now in this present time due to the larger array of comprehension of electromagnetic waves… Radio(1880s); Micro(1860s); infrared(1800s)… We could be the first telepathic generation, with the previous two generations being given 100+ years to develop this new seclusion of electromagnetic waves… Or our pineal glands all just working more… An evolving species..?

We’ve been ill-governed by the premise that we are at a plateau of human development.. This is wrong.. But we also have a rigid view on telepathy: intentional reading and listening of other people’s thoughts… It’s so much more complex… It’s the ‘cold shoulder’, the picking up of emotion, the embrace, the shared idea, the intertwine, the sexual cue, the aura everything unsaid, unstated… It’s all just passive, for now…

Maybe test it this week.. Sit in a group and feel the general energy, sit with that girl/guy and sublty release, in your mind, your true thoughts.. Conduct it all divine being because only you can receive and receive again…

I’ve attempted to be as brief as possible because it’s hard, with such a theory, not to be verbose or to not begin to stumble into the realm of science fiction.. I hope you pursue this ability… Our vibrations are getting higher and the waves are getting nearer…



16 thoughts on “The theory of Clairvoyance…

    1. Base your thoughts on something central like a number, a colour, a word, a subject and do so for long enough that it’s a habited passive thought… Sit with somebody for twenty minutes speaking about whatever and let the passive thought build… Ask the person a question surrounding the thing you were thinking about and see if they lean close to your answer…


  1. I’ve been discovering what you’ve been discovering and I’m 23. Consciousness is arising. I wholeheartedly believe in this theory.
    There is something called The Law of Attraction, which is described more in depth in a film called: The Secret, but basically it’s where what you think the most of will come to you/will be.

    In addition, there are such things as mudras that help you open up those chakra abilities like intuition, grounding, acceptance, calmness, patience, etc.

    This Energy is powerful, so they will show you how to meditation on those mudras (time wise).

    Every living thing on Earth is energy! We especially have soo much to learn from plants–how they “die”, sleep, dormant, but they’re actually evolving, adapting for the next condition. We must learn to give things up for ourselves that are harmful for ourselves bc we love ourself.


  2. I came across your page on Instagram on a comment on @yung.gods picture about what 1111 means to us.. He is magnificent! And spreading so much truth. I love to read comments, bc it’s the minds of our peers & came across your page. Then your blog. I think I just followed you too.

    Another thing I forgot to mention is that there is such thing as ,”a collective dream”. This was a research practiced by Carl Jing, the assistant to one of the most influential men in psychology Sigment Fraud. (Not sure with the spelling of the first name) This is the theory that every person has the capability to know the same information as someone else without having spoken to each other about it.

    Quick story, my best friend and I practice and believe in this stuff so strongly we’ve read each other’s subtle thoughts. Or I’ll feel her emotions. She’ll get my mental signals. It might seem strange but I truly believe we can speak telepathically ! Sometimes we play a game, “what’s the first thing that comes to your mind”. We’ll ask common ground questions, write it out, compare them,& 2/3 times , we’ve got the same answers.

    I still have yet to comprehend how we can have a relationship with animals,& never hear their thoughts about their feelings and course of action. The relationship just is,& we accept, willingly this uncommunicative relationship.

    Also the earth has its own chakra energy,& it is called a Kundalini. It’s recently shifted from the Tibet Mountains to the Andres Mountain—from males consciousness to female consciousness. –meaning the way things have been will be no longer.

    You’re more than welcome to write me whenever you feel.
    Good vibes to you ~


    1. Oh my gosh..! You’re one of those people… You’re too amazing… And yeh, I’ve heard of Sigmund Freud but i havent come across that… I’ll do some research on Carl Jing… And it must also be so beneficial to have a friend to believe abd practice with… Just by doing that, you’ve gone ahead of my simple concept… I’m very sure im going to write you one day and seek advice for a concept…


  3. I felt enclined to write to you bc I wanted to reassure you that in thinking this theory, you are not alone. And even more so, I love that you’re only 16 already having revelations about what life is. It’s truly a beautiful thing. I hoped that by me reaching out to you, I’ve comforted this idea by sharing mine.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    My knowledge is our knowledge~ Namaste


  4. Dude I stumbled upon an idea somewhat similar to this a few months back on the web. The theory is basically based on unity consciousness and how all organisms of a certain species are intuitively linked . The theory of unity consciousness is illustrated through the” 100th monkey effect “which basically speaks about how when a significant portion of a certain species learn a skill or trait which is beneficial to their survival it becomes easier for and more likely that the other animals of this species ,even in other parts of the world ,will aquire this skill,suggesting that animals of a particular species are all in a sense intuitively connected ..

    Dude also check some stuff on the “Christ consciousness grid” .This is a synthetic electromagnetic grid built by various ascended masters thousands of years ago and maintained and corrected overtime by the likes of Thoth,Drunvelo Melchizedek and other ancient cultures .The Christ Consciousness grid is structurally a holographic sacred geometric pattern surrounding our Earth .. The grid ,at its focal points, is linked to sacred pyramids and locations of sacred spiritual importance . The grid basically holds a mass of ancient knowledge necessary to help us ascend as a human race . Its like a blue print for our path towards light and contains truths of our cosmic interconneccontains and stimulates true self realization to those who attune to its energies.

    Every form of matter has a grid of sorts which contains the blue print of its path . Think about it bra ,electrons and protons don’t ” just “position themselves randomly and perfectly around a central nucleus to form all matter that exists on Earth .Theres a code of some sort which governs all this, a field of sorts which links us all to all ,

    By the way your blog is straight knowledge man . It excites me to see people thinking on such a level and trying to understand that which underlies the physical .

    Fucken awesome man ✌∆❤


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